What functions does the skin perform? List hygiene rules for skin care.

Human skin is the same organ of the human body as many others. This is not only a shell that separates the internal environment from the external, protecting the body from mechanical and chemical damage, as well as from the penetration of pathogenic microorganisms. The skin regulates body temperature, makes it possible to touch objects, feel pain, warmth, cold. Through sweat glands located in the skin, many excess and harmful substances are eliminated from the body.
Hygiene rules for skin care:
• it is necessary to wash every day with warm water with toilet or baby soap, thoroughly washing the places that get dirty the most;
• change underwear, socks, stockings, tights or knee-highs in a timely manner;
• if the skin is dry or itches, it is necessary to lubricate it with cream or ointment;
• you can not squeeze acne and open abscesses: in their place, inflammation can begin;
• if you notice a rash on your body, you should contact your parents or a medical institution;
• should eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, milk;
• Do not eat foods that cause an allergic reaction;
• in cold weather, it is necessary to protect the skin from frostbite;
• in the forest or in the field do not need to touch unfamiliar plants, since among them there may be poisonous, causing skin irritation;
• accidentally spilling acid or another chemical substance on yourself, immediately wash off this substance with running water and soap;
• if clothes made of synthetic fabrics or other materials cause skin irritation, do not wear them;
• Do not wear too tight or, on the contrary, too loose clothing and shoes, as irritation and corns can occur.

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