What geographic features of the United States were taken into account when pursuing F Roosevelt’s policy?

Roosevelt took into account the situation in the country, the mood of the American people and the international situation. In his campaign speeches, he promised to pay attention to the “forgotten person” by the state and proclaimed a “new course”. Almost immediately after winning the presidential elections, starting his duties, Roosevelt achieved the adoption by Congress of 70 legislative acts aimed at “improving” industry, agriculture, trade, and the monetary system. All these measures were given the name of the “new course,” the essence of which was to conduct state-monopoly regulation of the economy. The “brain trust”, which consisted of several people close to the president, who developed reform projects, had a great influence on the conduct of government policy. Based on pragmatic considerations, Roosevelt and his entourage outlined and carried out a number of important reforms in the structure of the socio-political institutions of the United States.

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