What goals did Germany pursue by intervening in the conflict with the Boers and the British?

Having seized a vast territory in southwest Africa, Germany sought to penetrate the continent as well. In the conflict between Great Britain and the Boer republics, the Germans tried to play the role of “patrons” of the Boers. The British, in turn, did not abandon their intention to seize the Boer republics, especially after the discovery of the richest diamond deposits there.
The enterprising English businessman Cecil Rohde bought up diamond mines in the territories adjacent to the Boers. The English colonies of Southern Rhodesia and Northern Rhodesia, named after Rhodes, were established there. He himself became Prime Minister of the Cape Colony. At the end of 1895, Rode sent a combatant to seize the Boer Republic of Tranevaal. Germany immediately announced that it was ready to help the Boers. But they themselves quickly defeated the detachment of invaders. Emperor Wilhelm II defiantly congratulated the Boers on their victory by sending them a telegram.

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