What hygiene rules are necessary to ensure that the teeth and oral cavity are healthy?

In order for the teeth and oral cavity to be healthy, the following rules must be followed:
• protect yourself from injuries received during sports and as a result of car accidents: during contact sports, use protective equipment (helmet, face mask and liner that protects the jaw); fasten the seat belt in the car, which saves not only life, but also appearance, in particular saves teeth;
• there is more food that strengthens the teeth and gums, and less than that that weakens them (healthy vegetables, rich in fiber and calcium, contribute to the health of the teeth, they not only give the jaw muscles work, they also improve the flow of blood to the teeth and gums, but also they clean the surface of the teeth; peanuts and other nuts, tea, sunflower seeds, cheese, olives, if used after a meal, can prevent tooth decay, preventing the formation of an acidic environment in the mouth);
• avoid fatty, viscous and acid-forming food, it changes the environment in the oral cavity and affects the composition of saliva in such a way that the likelihood of tooth decay and enamel erosion increases;
• regularly clean the interdental spaces with special floss or toothpick, use toothpastes only on a natural basis;
• visit the dentist at least 2-3 times a year; in this case, tooth and gum diseases will be detected in a timely manner.

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