What hygiene rules must be observed in order for the skin to successfully perform its functions and look good?

Human skin performs many functions. It protects the body from mechanical and chemical damage, from the penetration of pathogenic microorganisms into its internal environment. Skin receptors regulate body temperature, give a person the opportunity to touch objects, feel pain, heat, cold. Through sweat glands located in the skin, many excess and harmful substances are eliminated from the body.
In order for the skin to successfully perform its many functions, the following rules must be observed:
• wash every day with warm water with toilet or baby soap;
• whenever possible, change underwear, socks and stockings;
• if the skin is dry or itchy, lubricate it with cream or ointment;
• do not squeeze acne, do not try to open abscesses: inflammation may begin in their place;
• having noticed a rash on his body, immediately contact his parents or a medical institution;
• eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, milk; if you get enough vitamins and minerals with food, your skin will be clean and smooth;
• avoid eating foods that cause an allergic reaction;
• in cold weather, protect the skin from frostbite;
• do not touch unfamiliar plants in the forest and in the field, as there may be poisonous ones that cause skin irritation;
• if acid or other chemical substance is spilled onto it, immediately wash it off with running water and soap;
• If clothes made of synthetic fabrics or any other materials cause skin irritation, do not wear them.

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