What impact has technological progress had on human life?

technical progress has had a tremendous impact on all aspects of human life.
A person replaces his labor with the work of technology with the sole purpose of freeing himself as much as possible from heavy routine work, increasing the degree of freedom of his actions. Progress has led to tremendous changes in almost all countries, the level and way of life in many developing countries is changing rapidly and is beginning to approach the level of developed countries. The emergence of a system of material incentives, reducing labor intensity, saving time, objects of labor.
There is a substitution of human labor for the work of machines in order to facilitate human labor, an increase in the degree of human freedom, in some senses “a machine replaces a person.” The majority of the population in developed countries began to work in the service sector (including complex: information and financial), rather than in industry and agriculture. The level of education has increased, educational institutions are opening.

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