What impact has the Internet had on the development of society, science and technology?

The Internet is a versatile medium for learning, entertainment and communication. It allows you to send and receive emails in a short amount of time. Through it, you can pay for services, make purchases, receive free qualified or medical assistance, and look for work. For some, the Internet is the main source of income. It erases the distances and borders of states, connecting people around the world. Today the Internet unites more than one hundred and forty three million users on all continents.
In Russia, the number of users using the Internet every day is constantly growing. Russia is among the top twenty in the world in terms of the number of users. According to a survey of sociologists, the majority of Russians use the Internet to search for information. The second most popular reason is communication. News tracking comes third. According to sociologists, the Internet does not change Russian society, but reflects some of its aspects (for example, openness and readiness to apply new technologies).
The Internet also has a negative impact on society. An obsessive desire to connect to the network and a painful inability to disconnect in time is called Internet addiction. According to statistics, the number of Internet addicts in the world is 10% of all users. However, many experts do not consider this addiction a mental disorder and generally doubt its existence.
In general, the Internet is a reflection of modern society and modern perception of the world.

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