What important demographic and social changes take place in the 19th century?

In the XIX century. there has been a demographic growth of settlement in most countries of the world. The reason for the rapid population growth in the XIX century. there was a decrease in mortality due to the achievements of science, economic growth, the success of sanitation and hygiene.
In the XIX century. estate division disappeared. The new social groups are the bourgeoisie and the proletariat. Under the influence of modernization, the old society and the state were a thing of the past. This led to the formulation of ideas in ideology that reflected the interests of various groups in society. Different groups of the bourgeoisie were united by their attitude to work – in contrast to the former elite of society and the nobility, most of the bourgeoisie did not lead an idle lifestyle. It was bourgeois enterprise that propelled industrial capitalism forward.
A characteristic feature was the movement towards the democratization of society and the state.

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