What interspecific hybrids are known to you?

One of the outstanding achievements of modern breeding is the development of methods for overcoming infertility of interspecific hybrids. This was first achieved at the beginning of the 20th century. Soviet genetics G. D. Karpechenko when crossing radish and cabbage. This newly created man plant was not like radish or cabbage. Its pods consisted of two halves, one of which resembled a cabbage pod, the other – radish.
Subsequently, it was possible to obtain a hybrid of wheat with wheatgrass. Based on this hybrid, a new variety of wheat – grain feed was bred, which for three cuts per season gives up to 300-450 kg / ha of green mass.
By methods of distant hybridization, a new grain and fodder crop, a hybrid of wheat and rye, was also obtained. This hybrid, called triticale, successfully combines the valuable traits of wheat and rye, giving large yields of grain and green mass with high nutritional qualities.

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