What is a producing farm? How does it differ and what are its advantages over the appropriating economy? Make a comparison table.

A producing economy is an economy where the main source of human life is domestic animals and cultivated plants. An appropriating economy is an economy with a predominant economic role of hunting, gathering and partly fishing, which corresponds to the most ancient stage of the economic and cultural history of mankind.

Producing farm Assigning farm
People were engaged in plant growing and cattle breeding, also a craft People were engaged in gathering, fishing and hunting
Half of the farm is occupied by the same land (sedentary lifestyle of people) Lands changed (nomadic lifestyle of people)
Ability to control the amount of produced resources More and more resources were required
Possibility to influence product quality Impossibility to influence the quality of resources
The number of resources per unit area is greater Less resources per unit area
To feed more people than with an appropriating farm It was possible to feed a small number of people in the community


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