What is an injury? What types of injuries are specific to your age?

Injury is a violation of the anatomical integrity of tissues or organs with a disorder of their functions, due to exposure to various environmental factors (mechanical, thermal, chemical, radiation, etc.).
The following injuries are most characteristic of adolescents:
• bruises and closed injuries (bruises, pinched or broken fingers and toes);
• damage to muscles and connective tissues (sprains, tears);
• burns (solar, chemical);
• electric shock, lightning discharge;
• overheating of the body (heat exhaustion, heat stroke);
• poisoning (by chemicals, food);
• bites of insects, animals, snakes;
• frostbite;
• drowning;
• tooth injuries (broken, cracked teeth);
• ear injuries;
• eye injuries (eye damage, foreign body in the eye, chemical and thermal burns to the eyes);
• bone damage (fractures, dislocations).

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