What is common between the ideas of Marx and Kropotkin. What is the main difference between them?

The main ideas of Marx:
1) The economic system determines the way of life of a person and society,
2) In the history of society, socio-economic formations successively replace each other.
3) The change of formations is characterized by an exacerbation of the class struggle between oppressed and oppressive groups
4) An ideal society – a communist society where there will be no classes of private property, the basic principle: “from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs”

Kropotkin was a supporter of anarchism. Kropotkin’s main ideas:
1) Anarchism leads to communism.
2) Communism leads to anarchism.
3) Both: represent the pursuit of equality. So, the commonality between the ideas of Marx and Kropotkin is universal equality. The difference between them lies in the way of fighting for this equality. Marxist theory presupposes a revolution, while Kropotkin believes that in time everything will come by itself.

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