What is meant when it comes to harmony and expediency of a living cell?

Acquaintance with the vital activity of a cell, the interconnection of its structure and functions, the diversity and beauty of its forms always evokes a sense of harmony and expediency in living nature. All its components are expediently and harmoniously combined with each other. Here is a shell that protects the inner contents, helps maintain homeostasis (constant chemical composition) and is involved in a variety of cell functions. Here is the cytoplasm, which is so different in properties, but ensuring the flow of all processes and reactions in the cell. Here is the nucleus that stores a myriad of information about the past, present and future of the cell. Here are the mitochondria that tirelessly supply the cell with energy. Here are the smallest ribosomes involved in the assembly of protein molecules. Here are many other diverse organelles and cellular inclusions, and each has its own place, its own irreplaceable functions. The cell runs smoothly as long as the necessary conditions exist. In a healthy cell, all the events and movements of its small world are in perfect harmony with each other.

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