What is similar and how are plant and animal breeding methods different?

1) The timing of breeding – in plants we can see the results after 2 years, in animals several generations must pass to fix the trait.
2) The number of offspring, that is, in plants we have a large crop at a time, in animals, cubs are many times less.
3) The issue of biosafety: extraneous genes cannot integrate into the fertilized female, but it is important to ensure that pollen from a particular plant is transferred to another specific plant.
4) The similarity in the method of crossing, Mendel’s laws are also unchanged. However, in plants for the formation of hybrids, in addition to crossbreeding, one can also inoculate.
5) In price. It is more profitable to select animals than plants because of the great possibility for plants to mix foreign genes and, as a result, unnecessary mutations. Plus plants are easier with bioengineering.

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