What is the advantage of a diesel engine over a carburetor one?

Diesel engine – a piston internal combustion engine that runs on diesel fuel. The main difference between a diesel engine and a gasoline engine lies in the way the fuel-air mixture is fed into the cylinder and the way it is ignited. In a gasoline engine, fuel is mixed with intake air before it enters the cylinder, the resulting mixture is ignited at the required moment with a spark plug. In all modes except wide open throttle, the throttle valve restricts airflow and does not fully fill.
In a diesel engine, air is supplied to the cylinder separately from the fuel and then compressed. Due to the high compression ratio (from 14: 1 to 24: 1), when the air heats up to the autoignition temperature of diesel fuel (700-800 ° C), it is injected into the combustion chambers by high pressure nozzles (from 10 to 220 MPa)

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