What is the advantage of sporosphyte over gametophyte? (Compare DNA kits.)

The advantages of a sporophyte are a double set of chromosomes.
In terrestrial conditions, diploid organisms (sporophytes) have greater advantages than haploid organisms (gametophytes). Living conditions on land are more changeable than in water, here diploid organisms have the ability to retain rare recessive mutations in their gene pool and, therefore, have significant gene polymorphism, which gives advantages in case of a change in the direction of selection. Haploid organisms do not have the ability to maintain in a recessive state unfavorable mutations at the moment, which could be useful in case of changes in environmental conditions. Thus, under conditions when the selective value of genes undergoes constant changes, diploid organisms have an advantage over haploid ones, which leads to a reduction of the haploid generation (gametophytes) in the life cycle of higher plants and a greater development of sporophytes. In addition, gametophytes produce gametes that are adapted to exist only in the aquatic environment. Therefore, the reduction of the gametophyte is by means of adaptation to terrestrial conditions, where drip-liquid water is not always available to the plant.

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