What is the analogy between electromagnetic oscillations in a circuit and oscillations of a spring pendulum?

The following analogy can be drawn between mechanical vibrations and vibrations in an oscillatory circuit.
1). Oscillations are made according to a harmonic law – the law of sine or cosine.
2). The amplitude of oscillations is determined by the energy imparted to the system: the potential energy of the spring when deflected from the equilibrium position; the electric field energy imparted to the capacitor.
3). During mechanical vibrations, potential energy is converted into kinetic energy and vice versa; during electrical vibrations, the energy of the electric field is converted into the energy of the magnetic field and vice versa.
4). Both in the case of mechanical vibrations, and in the case of electrical vibrations, there is an element that determines the inertia of the system, thanks to which the system passes equilibrium and continues to move. In the case of mechanical vibrations – body weight; in the case of electrical ones, inductance.

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