What is the cause of the environmental crisis on our planet?

There are several reasons for the current environmental crisis:
1) uncontrolled and very fast population growth. Now about 6 billion people live on our planet. According to scientists, this is significantly more than the human population permissible for the Earth’s biosphere. At the same time, every person needs a roof over his head, light, heat, food, clothes, and still most of these needs are met through the most severe exploitation of nature.
2) imperfect agricultural and industrial technologies. Pollution of air, water, soil, deforestation and plowing of the steppes, erosion – all this is an indicator of how little we still know and know how, at what cost and due to which we get our material well-being.
3) the frivolity of mankind and neglect of the laws of development of the biosphere. The anthropocentric worldview of most of the world’s population is apparently the main cause of the current environmental crisis. Our society has not ceased to be consumer.

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