What is the contribution of C. Linney to the formation of taxonomy?

The formation of taxonomy is associated with the name of the Swedish scientist Karl Linnaeus (1707 – 1778). The main results of his activities are described in the works “The System of Wildlife” and “Philosophy of Botany”. He carried out the division of animals and plants into subordinate groups, introduced a binary (double) system of names of biological species. The method of forming the scientific name introduced by Linnaeus for each species is still used. The use of the Latin name of two words – the name of the genus, then the specific name – allowed us to separate the nomenclature from the taxonomy. Karl Linney is the author of the most successful artificial classification of plants and animals, which has become the basis for the scientific classification of living organisms. He divided the natural world into three “kingdoms”: mineral, vegetable and animal, using four levels: classes, orders, genera and species. He streamlined ideas about the diversity of the animal and plant world, aroused his interest in taxonomy in the scientific world, personally described for the first time about 10,000 plant species and 4,200 animal species, and introduced a lot of new into the concept of biological species.

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