What is the danger of a recurrence of a crime? Is it possible to prevent the recurrence of a crime?

Recidivism is one of the most dangerous types of crime. The number of persons whose actions contain a recidivism of crimes is increasing, and this leads to the fact that recidivism is one of the main problems of criminal policy. Repeated crimes committed by persons who have already been brought to criminal responsibility are characterized by increased public danger, since such persons prepare more thoroughly for committing a second crime than persons who commit a crime for the first time.
In the prevention of recidivism, such public preventive measures are widely used as speeches by employees of the internal affairs bodies in labor collectives, at the place of residence, on television and radio, in the press on issues of strengthening public order and combating crime.
Almost a third of convicts, often committing unmotivated crimes, have mental abnormalities, which makes it difficult to preemptive action.
The prevention of recidivism is an important area of ​​activity of law enforcement agencies that requires further theoretical development, which also indicates the relevance of this study. Law enforcement agencies, carrying out the prevention of crimes within their competence, influence the formation of legal awareness, eliminate the causes and conditions of specific crimes, take criminal and legal measures to influence the perpetrators of crimes, as well as the correction of convicts.

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