What is the danger of appendicitis, what are its symptoms? What should be done with suspected appendicitis?

The appendix is ​​leaving the cecum. It is an essential part of the immune system. Sometimes the appendix is ​​inflamed, a disease called appendicitis. With appendicitis, severe persistent abdominal pain occurs. At first, the entire stomach usually hurts, and only then does the pain move to the lower right corner. The temperature usually rises, the tongue is covered, vomiting may begin. At the slightest suspicion of appendicitis, you must immediately call a doctor, because the appendix can break through, and this is already life-threatening. Before the doctor comes, you can not give a laxative, put a heating pad on your stomach, apply an enema and painkillers. The patient can only be allowed to drink, food should be abstained.

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