What is the danger of chlamydia?

The causative agent of the disease is a very small bacterium, which, unlike all other bacteria, multiplies inside a living cell, like a virus.
Therefore, it is very difficult to detect this bacterium. Chlamydia is transmitted only sexually through the contact of infected sperm or vaginal secretions with the mucous membranes of a healthy person.
In 80% of women with chlamydia, no symptoms are noted. Sometimes, when the inflammatory process spreads to the fallopian tubes, symptoms appear that are similar to signs of vaginitis or gonorrhea. Infected men may develop symptoms similar to those typical of gonorrhea, but more often than not, everything is asymptomatic.
The consequences of the disease can be infertility, ectopic pregnancy, purulent inflammation of the pelvic organs and even inflammation of the joints.

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