What is the danger of smoking for a teenager?

Adolescent smoking primarily affects the nervous and cardiac – vascular systems. At 12-15 years old they already complain of shortness of breath during physical exertion. As a result of many years of observation, the French doctor Dekaline 100 years ago came to the conclusion that even slight smoking causes anemia and digestive upset in children. Smoking adversely affects student performance. The number of underperforming increases in those classes where there are more smokers. Smoking students slows down their physical and mental development. The sooner children, adolescents, boys and girls get acquainted with smoking and start smoking, the sooner they will get used to it, and it will be very difficult to give up smoking in the future.
It turns out: if a person smokes from 1 to 9 cigarettes per day, then he shortens his life (on average) by 4.6 years compared to non-smokers; if smokes from 10 to 19 cigarettes, then for 5.5 years; if smoked 20 to 39 cigarettes – for 6.2 years. For a long time and many smokers are 13 times more likely to get angina, 12 – myocardial infarction, 10 times – stomach ulcers and 30 times lung cancer. Scientists have found that smoking is 2 times more dangerous for a growing organism than for an adult. The smoker’s heart makes 15 thousand contractions more per day, and the body’s nutrition with oxygen and other necessary substances is worse, because under the influence of tobacco, the blood vessels in a teenager contract. Scientists have found that tobacco contains a mass of toxic substances. Among them, nicotine is most known: in its toxicity it is equal to hydrocyanic acid.

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