What is the degree of freedom in legal relations between people? What role should the state play in legal relations?

With the help of the rules of law, it is impossible to establish friendly relations between people, regulate parental care for children, or establish a procedure for declaring love. True, in all these cases, people’s actions remain subject to certain norms, but they are no longer established by law, but by custom, tradition and morality.
This understanding does not contribute to the understanding of the constitutional and legal nature and purpose of a democratic state – to serve as an instrument and a means of exercising the sovereignty of the people in order to create such conditions for the functioning of society when a person, his rights and freedoms are the highest value. Therefore, it is not the protection of society and the individual from the state, but the conditions and methods of its transformation into a real channel, the most important form of the realization of democracy, an organization that serves society and a person, is one of the central tasks of constitutional and legal science and political and legal practice.

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