What is the essence of Rutherford’s experiments?

The essence of Rutherford’s experience can be understood from comparison. Let it be necessary to check, without touching the object, whether it is homogeneous or not. For example, is there a metal object hidden in the haystack? This can be done while away from the stack using a small bore rifle and a large plywood shield. We will shoot at the stack in various directions and judge the trajectory of all bullets by the holes in the shield. If the stack is uniform, there will be no ricochet. They will appear if there is a metal object in the stack, and the number of ricochets will depend on its size. In Rutherford’s experiments, the thinnest film of gold was bombarded with positively charged particles, then the trajectories of their movement after passing through the film were estimated. Rutherford’s experiments convincingly showed that the atom is inhomogeneous.

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