What is the essence of the Bothe experience? Analyze its result from the standpoint of wave and quantum theories.

The existence of photons was directly confirmed in the experiment of V. Bothe. A thin metal foil F was placed between two symmetrically located counters 1 and 2.
The foil was illuminated with a weak beam of X-rays R, under the action of which it itself became a source of X-rays (this phenomenon is called X-ray fluorescence. Due to the low intensity of the primary beam, the number of quanta emitted by the foil was very small. after 10 ~ 3 s) y and activates a special mechanism that makes a mark on the moving tape D. If the radiated energy propagated uniformly in all directions, as follows from the wave representations, both counters 1 and 2 would have to work simultaneously and the marks on the tape would lie symmetrically against one another, but in reality a completely random arrangement of marks was observed.This can only be explained by the fact that light quanta are emitted from the foil F in separate radiation events, flying in one direction or the other. has been experimentally proven noun the existence of special light particles – photons, which have energy and momentum.

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