What is the harm to human health caused by malaria plasmodium?

Plasmodium malaria causes malaria, which occurs with attacks of fever, changes in the blood, enlargement of the liver and spleen. There are four forms of malaria: three-day, four-day, tropical, and ovalemalaria. The source of the disease is a person with malaria, and the carrier is a female malaria mosquito. The female mosquito, becoming infected while sucking the patient’s blood, becomes capable of transmitting plasmodium. A healthy person becomes infected by the bite of a mosquito infected with plasmodia, with whose saliva pathogens enter the body. With the blood flow, plasmodia enter the liver, where they undergo the first (tissue) development cycle, then pass into the blood and penetrate into erythrocytes. Here they complete the second (erythrocyte) development cycle, ending with the breakdown of erythrocytes and the release of pathogens into the patient’s blood, which is accompanied by an attack of fever.

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