What is the harmful effect of smoking on the human body?

In a smoker, the production of a suffractant is disrupted, and the alveoli stick together, the surface of the bronchi and lungs becomes covered with the resins that make up the tobacco, darkens, many resins contain carcinogenic substances, which can lead to cancer of the respiratory tract. Nicotine is a potent poisonous substance that is addictive to tobacco. Smoking can stimulate the development of chronic bronchitis, tuberculosis, pneumonia. One smoked cigarette causes vasospasm for 20 minutes, which leads to disruption of blood supply to various organs, oxygen deficiency leads to disruption of the brain, impairment of attention, memory, thinking. A person who is near smokers is a passive smoker and receives an equal dose of harmful substances. Smoking negatively affects the functioning of all organ systems.

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