What is the highest part of the Ural Mountains?

The Ural Mountains is one of the most famous mountain ranges in Russia. Travelers from all over the world are interested in their features and history. On the map of Russia it is clearly visible how long the mountain range is. Basically, it is customary to divide it over the Middle, Northern, Southern, Polar and Subpolar. The Urals has many peaks. We will consider some of the highest.
Top 5 highest mountains of the Urals:
Narodnaya – 1895 m. The highest point of the Urals, located in a harsh region with scarce flora and fauna.
Manaraga – 1662 m. The summit, which locals call a bear paw.
Yamantau – 1640 m. Mountain of the Southern Urals, considered bad and even evil.
Telposis – 1617 m. One of the most beautiful mountains in the entire territory of the Ural Mountains.
Payer – 1472 m. The beautiful peak of the polar Urals.

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