What is the International? When did the First and Second Internationals arise? What currents in the International do you know?

The International is the social democratic workers ‘parties that have united in workers’ associations. Representatives of these parties demanded to ensure the democratic development of the state and consolidate social guarantees for workers, demanded that workers’ rights be spelled out in laws. The 1st International was founded on September 28, 1864 in London, attended by at least two thousand people. There were workers from England, France, Germany and other countries, revolutionary émigrés living in London. The participants in the meeting decided to create an international workers’ organization, which was soon named the International Association of Workers. The 2nd International was created in 1889 and continued the traditions of the 1st International. This International is also called the Worker or Socialist International. For permanent communication between the member parties, the International Socialist Bureau was established in 1900, located in Brussels. The decisions taken by the International were not binding on the parties that belong to it. The well-known currents in the International: anarchism, the social democratic trend (in the 1st International), the right wing, or open opportunists, centrists and the left wing (in the second International).

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