What is the need for temporary housing equipment for survival? What factors influence the choice of type of housing (shelter)?

The main purpose of the temporary home is to provide recreation for people and protect them from the weather.
The main factors influencing the choice of type of temporary housing are:
• the presence of rain or other precipitation;
• air temperature;
• the presence of insects;
• availability and quantity of materials for construction;
• duration of the proposed parking;
• number and physical condition of victims of the disaster.
If possible, you need to try to find shelter, the use of which will require only minimal modifications: it can be rocky ledges, hummocks, caves, large crevices, trunks of fallen trees, snowdrifts. It’s better to start equipping a shelter before dawn, so that the main work is completed by nightfall. The optimal size of the area per person is 2 x 0.75 m.
In the warm season, in wooded areas, the simplest shelters can be canopies and huts built from poles or poles and fabric (if there is no fabric or film, then lapnik can be used instead). On wet or damp land, shelter must be raised above the ground.
During the construction of shelters in winter, it is necessary to clear the earth of snow, warm it with bonfires for 4-5 hours. You can’t go to bed to rest directly in the snow, you must use good bedding made of lapnik, brushwood, any improvised material.

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