What is the Neolithic Revolution? Where and why did it start?

The Neolithic Revolution is a historical period of transition in the Neolithic era from appropriating to extractive type of economy, from a primitive hunter-gatherer economy to agriculture based on agriculture and / or animal husbandry.
Causes of the Neolithic Revolution
1) Population growth
2) “Zoological catastrophe” (depletion of reserves of game and edible plants)
3) The emergence of the rudiments of knowledge
4) Improving the technical level of labor tools
5) Domestication of animals and the beginning of plant cultivation
The transition to a manufacturing economy for a number of tribes and peoples began in the Mesolithic period and ended in the Neolithic. The melting of the glacier had grave consequences for the communities of Western Asia (the territory of modern Turkey, Syria, Israel, Palestine, Iraq, Iran and some other countries). During the Paleolithic period, wild sheep, wild boars, goats, bulls were hunted here, cereals were collected – wheat, barley, millet. In the wild, these plants grow only in the mountainous regions of Western Asia.

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