What is the origin of pets?

Animal husbandry originated from ancient times, when people began to lead a sedentary lifestyle. He began capturing wild animals and taming them to life at home. Man selected and left for posterity healthy animals with the most valuable qualities for themselves, thus consolidating them in subsequent generations. Later he began to use crossbreeding and other methods of creating new breeds. As a result, numerous breeds of farm animals were bred, the useful qualities of which far exceeded those of their wild ancestors. So, for example, the females of the European tour – the ancestor of cows – fed the calf with milk for only 3-4 months. The best dairy breeds of cows bred by man are milked up to 10 months a year and give ten times more milk. There is a huge variety of breeds of horses, goats, sheep, pigs, rabbits and other mammals that humans raise in order to obtain various useful products.

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