What is the positive outlook for the development of international relations?

The principle of the peaceful settlement of international disputes and conflicts, i.e. any disagreements arising between the subjects of international relations should be resolved through negotiations, mediation, judicial proceedings, international arbitration, so as not to endanger the peace and security of peoples. The principle of peaceful coexistence of states with different social systems, i.e. recognition of the inviolability of borders, territorial integrity, full cooperation, refusal to use force in order to change the political system of a particular state. The principle of equality and self-determination of peoples and the principle of sovereign equality of states exclude any foreign power on the territory of another state. Sovereignty is always a complete, exclusive, inalienable property of the state. The principle of observance of human rights and fundamental freedoms implies a complex of socio-economic, civil, political, cultural rights and freedoms that characterize the status of an individual in this.

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