What is the preparation of cells for mitosis?

Preparation of cells for mitosis. During interphase, a series of processes occur that provide mitosis. We will name the most important of them:
1) double the centrioles,
2) chromosomes are doubled, i.e. the amount of DNA and chromosomal proteins, 3) the proteins are synthesized from which the achromatin spindle is built,
4) energy is accumulated in the form of ATP, which is consumed during division, 5) cell growth ends.
Of paramount importance in preparing cells for mitosis is DNA synthesis and chromosome doubling.
Duplication of chromosomes is associated primarily with DNA synthesis and the simultaneous synthesis of chromosome proteins. The doubling process lasts 6-10 hours and occupies the middle part of the interphase. Duplication of chromosomes proceeds in such a way that each old single DNA strand builds a second one. This process is strictly ordered and, starting at several points, spreads along the entire chromosome.

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