What is the role of ecology at present and why should it be studied?

Nature is not only more complex than we think of it, it is much more complex than we can imagine. The first law of ecology states: “Whatever we do in nature, everything causes certain consequences in it, often unpredictable.”
Consequently, the results of our activities can be foreseen only by comprehensively analyzing what impact they will have on nature. For environmental analysis, which gives an understanding of how a person affects the environment and the detection of those limits of changes in conditions that prevent the environmental crisis, it is necessary to attract knowledge of various sciences. Thus, ecology becomes the theoretical basis for the rational use of natural resources.
Modern ecology is a universal, rapidly developing, complex science, which is of great practical importance for all the inhabitants of our planet. Ecology is the science of the future, and perhaps the very existence of man will depend on the progress of this science.

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