What is the role of green plants in nature?

The role of plants, both in nature and in human life and economic activity, can hardly be overestimated. Thanks to the process of photosynthesis that occurs in the green leaves of plants with the participation of sunlight, oxygen is generated, which is vital for all the inhabitants of the earth’s surface. Plants are the richest source of vitamins and minerals, an indispensable element of trophic food chains, a producer of various organic substances in nature from inorganic raw materials. If there were no plants in nature, then there would be neither animals, nor humans, the planet itself would look like a lifeless desert, it would not even have soil and any landscape diversity created precisely by plant groups. A person should appreciate and understand the role of the plant in his life, because without them he simply would not exist, planting and caring for the small sprouts of green life, we become cleaner and kinder, we join the mysteries of nature and the universe,

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