What is the role of spoken and written language in human life?

Writing is a means of expressing thoughts that can be clarified, worked out; it is verbal communication using written texts. Writing uses graphics and has a complex compositional and structural organization. Writing is the wealth of mankind, the historical experience of its existence. Thanks to its appearance, information about our oldest descendants has reached us, we can read and write, constantly enrich ourselves with new knowledge, and develop.
A person’s speech is characterized by a very high degree of generalization. Man summarizes not only the concepts of objects (their properties and attributes), natural phenomena, but also his feelings, feelings, experiences. Man thinks in words. Verbal thinking allows him to escape from the specific circumstances of reality. Human speech becomes an apparatus of abstract thinking. Oral and written speech allows a person to get acquainted with the experience of other people and with the socio-historical experience of mankind. This ensures the continuity of generations and the continuous development of science, technology and culture.
We use written speech constantly, we need it, it is impossible to live without it. Unfortunately, it is gradually changing, becoming more specific, simplified, it uses few detailed thoughts. And all because we have forgotten how to communicate, we speak clearly, concretely and only on business. And spoken language is the basis for writing.

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