What is the role of the circulation of substances in the biosphere of the Earth and human life?

What is the role of the circulation of substances in the biosphere of the Earth and human life? What sciences give us the necessary knowledge about this?

The circulation of substances and energy in the biosphere is a continuous process that ensures life on Earth with its smooth operation. VI Vernadsky wrote: “living matter encompasses and rebuilds all chemical processes of the biosphere, its effective energy is enormous. Living matter is the most powerful geological force that grows with the passage of time.” In any ecosystem there is a cycle of matter, as a result of which all produced substances are used its inhabitants. Mineral substances enter plants, from them – to animals, from them – to fungi and microorganisms and then return to the soil, where they again become available to plants. The same substances are used by the body differently. They are transmitted in a circle, but do not disappear, but only change, being part of the bodies of different organisms.
Three groups of organisms are involved in the cycle of substances:
+ producers – green plants, which, using solar energy, they consume carbon dioxide, water, salts and emit oxygen;
+ consumers are heterotrophic organisms that feed on each other.
+ decomposers – organisms that feed on organisms, bacteria and fungi.
Biological diversity is the basis for sustainable functioning of the biosphere
The life of living organisms, including humans, is impossible without the environment. The human body enters the cycle of substances. It is influenced by diurnal and seasonal rhythms, reacts to seasonal changes in ambient temperature, the intensity of solar radiation.
The sciences that give us the necessary knowledge about this are biology, geography.

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