What is the role of the shape and size of the earth in the life of the planet?

The dimensions of the Earth allow it to hold air and water, which makes life possible. Due to the sphericity of the Earth, the sun’s rays fall on it at different angles, which is the reason for the formation of different climatic conditions. Earth’s temperature rises from the poles to the equator. A different climate in turn forms different environmental conditions.

Impact on Earth’s life of its size Influence on the life of the Earth of its form
Due to its size (and mass), the Earth is able to retain the atmosphere and has a certain level of attraction at the surface. Due to the nature of the shape, the level of attraction is slightly different at the poles and the equator (at the equator it is smaller, since the distance to the center of the planet is greater). Also, the form determines the features of the surface receiving heat, light and everything else emanating from space (due to different values ​​of the angle of incidence of sunlight on the surface).
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