What is the role of wildlife in the development of culture?

Nature influences the occupation and division of labor For example, the harsh climatic conditions of the North gave rise to a specific division of labor between men and women: the first engaged in the manufacture of weapons, hunting, fishing, leaving women, in addition to traditional cooking, such activities as leather dressing, making clothes. The natural environment influences the process of artistic creation. Nature not only suggests images of artistic creation, but also provides raw materials for the creation of certain objects of art. Masterpieces of architecture, painting, music, literature are created under the influence of the impressions received by their creators from communication with nature. Nature has a strong impact on the traditional folk culture, which is expressed in specific habits, customs, rituals. Rituals transform natural objects into elements of spiritual culture, in accordance with the change of day and night, seasons, many cycles of production activity are performed, peculiarly reflected in holidays and rituals.

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