What is the sequence of first aid for large and minor open wounds.

The procedure for first aid for a large open wound:
• temporarily stop bleeding;
• put the victim on his back;
• treat the edges of the wound with iodine or brilliant green blotting movements from the wound to the periphery;
• if the wound is contaminated, rinse it with a disinfectant solution: hydrogen peroxide, a weak pink solution of potassium permanganate;
• put on a wound a sterile swab dressing or clean cloth and firmly press it to the wound;
• apply a pressure bandage and bandage it; if blood leaks, additionally apply napkins and bandage them over the old dressing;
• raise the injured limb as far as possible above the level of the heart;
• monitor the condition of the victim; give him an anesthetic and drink plenty of water;
• deliver the victim to a medical institution.
With extensive injuries, it is unacceptable to rinse the wound with any liquid containing alcohol: this can lead to increased traumatic shock and necrosis of the edges of the wound with the subsequent development of serious complications.
The procedure for first aid for minor open wounds:
• wash the wound with hydrogen peroxide or a slightly pink solution of potassium permanganate, treat it with iodine;
• glue the wound with a bactericidal patch or apply a small sterile dressing to it.

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