What is the significance of birds in nature? For a person?

There are over 9 thousand species of birds. Each species of birds is represented by a large number of individuals, so they are one of the most massive groups of animals on our planet. Possessing high nutritional activity, consuming and processing huge masses of various types of plant and animal feed, seeds, fruits, they play one of the leading roles in natural biocenoses. Their role is great in the distribution of seeds and fruits of plants. Birds of prey, by eating mouse-like rodents, prevent outbreaks of an increase in their number.
Man, along with the prey of game birds in nature, domesticated many of them. Leading centuries-old directed selection for the best qualities in poultry, man has created numerous productive breeds of chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys. At present, poultry farming is one of the most efficient branches of animal husbandry.
The aesthetic role of birds for humans is great. Better than any medicine, the sounds of their voices, the sight of their beautiful plumage, watching their dexterous flight relieve stress.

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