What is the significance of insects in nature, human life and economic activity?

The role of insects in nature and human life is due, first of all, to their enormous number, diversity in communities.
Herbivorous insects with their biomass are many times superior to all other animals that feed on plants, and therefore eat up the bulk of the plant growth.
Predatory and parasitic insects are natural regulators of the number of animals they feed on. In turn, insects are the basis of food for many chordates. Insects are also of great importance as consumers of plant and animal residues.
As plant pollinators, insects play a significant role in plant reproduction.
Insects are also of great importance in human economic activity: as pollinators, they increase the productivity of cultivated plants; it is important to use them for biological methods of combating harmful insects; domesticated insects provide valuable food products and raw materials for industry.

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