What is the significance of speech in human development? What are the functions of external and internal speech?

The main difference between a person and other creatures is consciousness and possession of speech, the ability to work and social life. In the brain of each person there are speech centers. But what language a person speaks depends not on the brain, but on the linguistic environment surrounding it. What language he will learn to speak, so he will use. Speech arose in the process of labor activity. She allowed to unite the actions of many people, to distribute responsibilities among the members of the group. Speech, work and communication in many ways changed the man himself, contributed to the development of his consciousness. In parallel with the development of external speech, each person also forms internal speech. It allows us to mentally imagine what we are going to do, select the best option, make a choice, in short, act consciously. It is these conscious actions that are thought out by a person, and not conditioned and unconditioned reflexes that determine his behavior.

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