What is understood by the natural and social nature of man?

Man, like all other living things, is part of nature and a product of natural, biological evolution. Man, like an animal, is characterized by instincts, vital needs. There are also biologically programmed patterns of human behavior as a specific biological species. Biological factors that determine the existence and development are determined by a set of genes in humans, the balance of hormones produced, metabolism and other biological factors. All this characterizes a person as a biological being, determines his biological nature. But along with this, it differs from any animal and, above all, with the following features:
– produces its own environment (housing, clothing, tools), but the animal does not produce, only uses what is available;
– changes the world around him not only by the standards of his utilitarian need, but also according to the laws of cognition of this world, as well as according to the laws of morality and beauty, the animal can change its world only according to the needs of its species;
– can act not only according to need, but also in accordance with the freedom of one’s will and imagination, the action of the animal is guided exclusively by the satisfaction of physical needs (hunger, instinct of procreation, group, species instincts, etc.);
– able to act universally, the animal is only applicable to specific circumstances;
– he makes his life activity an object (he treats it meaningfully, purposefully changes, plans), the animal is identical to his life activity and does not distinguish it from himself.

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