What manifests irritability in plants? Give examples.

Plants do not have sensory organs and the nervous system, so their irritability manifests itself mainly in growth movements (tropisms, infusions) caused by the action of light, moisture, and gravity. The plant regulates these movements with the help of growth substances synthesized in cells – special chemicals. compounds of organic nature. Some growth substances have a stimulating effect, others a inhibitory effect on the growth of plant organs. For example, it was experimentally proven that in the growth cone of a plant shoot, cells of the educational tissue produce auxins – substances that stimulate the growth of the main shoot and inhibit the development of axillary buds. This phenomenon is called apical dominance. If the apical kidney is removed, then auxins will be produced in the cones of growth of axillary buds, which will cause lateral shoots to form in the plant. This technique, known as pinching in crop production, is widely used in the cultivation of many cultivated plants for branching shoots.

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