What methods can determine the sides of the horizon according to local features?

Orientation by local signs allows only approximately to judge the location of the sides of the horizon.
So, in detached trees, the crown on the south side is noticeably denser than on the north; in winter, snow melts faster on the north side of the holes (ditches) and on the south side of the hillocks; the flatter side of the anthill, as a rule, is oriented to the south.
In the forest, you can accurately determine the sides of the horizon by clearings, quarterly pillars. Slots cut from north to south and from west to east. At the points of their intersection, quarterly pillars are set, on whose sides the numbers of adjacent quarters are marked. The line between the two smallest numbers is always oriented north.
With a high degree of accuracy, you can determine the direction to the north along the cross of the Orthodox church (the raised end of one of the crossbars is always directed there).
Based on local signs, it is impossible to finally judge the location of the sides of the horizon by one or two observations. Conclusions can be made only after repeated verification of the initial results.

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