What methods of vegetative propagation are widely used in agriculture? Why? Give examples.

In agriculture, the propagation of cultivated plants is widely used by stem (currants, grapes) and leafy (uzambara violet, begonia) cuttings, cuttings (gooseberries), modified shoots – tubers (potatoes, Jerusalem artichoke), bulbs (onions, garlic, tulip, daffodil), mustache (strawberries), etc. These methods of reproduction allow you to get a large number of daughter plants in a relatively short time.
In gardening, vegetative propagation through vaccination is common. This method allows you to quickly propagate valuable plants and ensures their accelerated development while fully maintaining varietal qualities. The grafted cultivated plant (graft) can obtain such valuable properties of the stock (the plant to which they are grafted), such as frost resistance, disease resistance, low soil fertility, etc.

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