What monuments of the World Natural and Cultural Heritage are in the USA?

US World Natural and Cultural Heritage Sites (23 sites):
National Parks: Mesa Verde (Colorado), Everglades (Florida), Grand Canyon (Arizona), Redwood (California), Olympic (Washington), Mammoth Cave (Kentucky), Yellowstone (Idaho, Montana, Wyoming), Great Smoky Mountains (North Carolina, Tennessee), Chaco (New Mexico), Yosemite (California), Hawaii Volkaneos (Hawaii), Carlsbad Caves (New Mexico), Papahanaumokuakea (Hawaii).
Parks and reserves Glacier Bay, Clwain, Rangel St. Elias and Tatchenshini Alsek (Alaska).
Independence Hall (PA).
Monument “Mounds of Kahokiya” (Illinois).
Fortress of La Fortaleza and the historical part of the city of San Juan of the island of Puerto Rico (Puerto Rico).
Statue of Liberty (New York).
Waterton Peace Park – Glacier (USA, Montana).
Monticello Manor and the University of Virginia at Charlottesville (Virginia).
Settlement Taos Pueblo (New Mexico).
Missions of San Antonio (Texas).
Earth Point Turn Point (Louisiana).

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